June was not as great a reading month as the previous months ('only' 21 books), but not without a reason: exams. Since those are finished now I hope to have a better reading month with the Random Reading Summer Plan. The jar is finished (it's a three litres jar almost completely filled with paper scraps), I've drawn the first book, which will be my first July read.


I'm still far ahead of my challenge of 2015 (150/207) and I'm on track for my more ambitious goal of 300 books.


My favourite book of the month is a split between When The Heavens Fall and All The Light We Cannot See. They are completely different books but I enjoyed reading them both a lot.


My least favourite reads were A Glance Backward, Citizen of the Galaxy and Sixteen Sixty-one. The two graphic novels didn't work for me. The memoir I thought was too long and perhaps I just don't really like memoirs.


The rest of the reviews I'll write shortly.


String Theory (Wayward #1) - Jim Zub

Point Hollow - Rio Youers

Affliction Z: Patient Zero - L.T. Ryan

A Glance Backward - Tony Sandoval


Weavers - Aric Davis

The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster - Scott Wilbanks

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters - Amanda Downum

The Disappearance of the Reluctant Book Fairy - Elizabeth George


All The Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr

Havelock (Episode #1) - Jane D. Everly

The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger's Apprentice #6) - John Flanagan

Powerpuff Girls: Super Smash-up - Derek Charm

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - Oscar Wilde


Transgression (City of God #1) - R.S. Ingermanson

Citizen of the Galaxy - Robert Lazaro

Detour to Apocalypse (Episode #1) - Michael Panush

Sixteen Sixty-one - Natalie Lucas


Untaken - J.E. Anckhorn

The October Fraction (Volume #1) - Steve Niles

The Gateway Through Which They Came (Gateway #1) - Heather Marie

When The Heavens Fall - Marc Turner



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