Havelock: One - Jane D. Everly

This is the first part of a serial novel and now I realise again why I usually wait until the full book is available to read a serial. I don't need to read a complete series back to back but a book at a time is preferred.


It's hard to say too much about these first six chapters besides that I really enjoyed them. The spy-thing, Eliana's arrogance and her really nice way of describing things (and since she's a first-person POV the writing was working very good for me). The setting is London, which also scores bonus points with me. The story, for as far as I can tell up on this point is going to be an interesting one. It's a very good first part of the story.


When can I get the next instalment?


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!