Affliction Z: Patient Zero - L.T. Ryan

This was one of the books that came up via my pilot random reading project. To be completely honest, I'd forgotten I'd downloaded this for free from Amazon some time ago.


What starts as a 'simple' mission to retrieve some soldiers, turns into something far more difficult as the place is swarmed with zombies.


Something I've never understood and that I've read in almost every zombie book I've ever read is the characters surprise that they are not the only ones who call zombies zombies. It always strikes as me as such a weird thing to fuss about (especially in a zombie apocalypse).


The story was quite standard, the start of an apocalypse, and although you can read this and have some kind of finished stories, it's basically just a set up for the real apocalypse, which I suppose takes place in the second book (but I haven't read that one yet). Don't expect to be blown away by originality, but besides that I thought it was a very fast and quite enjoyable though forgettable read.


Affliction Z: Patient Zero is the first book in the Affliction Z series.