May 2015 in Books
May 2015 in Books

Every month I make a brief breakdown of what I've read. Some statistics, some favourites, some not so favourites.


27 books! Again! I had not expected it to be so many books this month and the number of graphic novels must have helped a lot in getting me there. (9 graphic novels). This means I'm well ahead of my challenge (129/207) and also perfectly on track (and a little bit ahead on the challenge I've unofficially been giving myself of 25 books a month, for a whopping total of 300!).


Luckily this was a month without books I hated, although I was disappointed by The Catalyst and the graphic novel adaptation of The Prince didn't work for me. Highly anticipated The Ables could not live up to my great expectations. I did really enjoy multiple books, some of which are Prophet of the Badlands, The Thing About Jellyfish, and The Dead Hamlets.


I don't really have reading plans for June. I've got a couple of review books I still need to read that month (I have more than a couple of review books left to read) so these are planned, but other than that I'll just see how it goes. I've important exams this month, so reading will only be for leisure. But after that, my last long holiday!


As always, not all books have been reviewed yet, but this will be updated. Click the title to see my review.


Happy Reading!



Night's Colony - D.R. Burgess

The Rosie Project - Graham Simsion (The Rosie Project #1)

Prophet of The Badlands - Matthew S Cox (The Awakened #1)

Hawthorn Inn- Heidi Willard (The Catalyst #1)

In Search of Lost Dragons - Élian Black'mor



The Ables - Jeremy Scott

Buzz Books 2015 Fall/Winter - Publisher's Lunch

The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli

Let's Eat Ramen - Nagumo

The Heroine's Journey - G. Miki Hayden

Winter In Madrid - C.J. Samson



The Science of TV's The Big Bang Theory - Dave Zobel

The Prince - Morim Kang

Treasure, Darkly - Jordan Elizabeth Mierek (Treasure Chronicles #1)

The Fadeout Vol 1 - Ed Brubaker

Bob's Burgers Vol 1 - Chad Brewster



The Thing About Jellyfish - Ali Benjamin

The Dead Hamlets - Peter Roman (The Book of Cross #2)

The Ruby Airship - Sharon Gosling (The Diamond Thief #2)

Twisted Dark Vol 2 - Neil Gibson

Half Dead and Fully Broken - Kevin Craig

Jupiter's Legacy Vol 1 - Mark Millar



The Turnip Princess - Franz Xaver von Schönwerth

Twisted Dark Vol 1- Neil Gibson

Buzz Books 2015 Young Adult Fall/Winter - Publisher's Lunch

Before I Go To Sleep - S.J. Watson

Hipster Animals - Dyna Moe



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