Weavers - Aric Davis

Weavers weaves the story together of a number of people with the ability to weave, which is basically to control people's mind and even make them do things. These powers are not always used for the best unfortunately, and a governmental organization that wants the powers for themselves are hunting them down.


It had a great premise, but in the beginning it was a bit difficult to keep track of all the stories and I was trying to figure out how they all fit into the bigger story. After that, it was a very nice and interesting read. I was a bit scared when I started reading because the reviews I'd seen so far weren't good, but I disagree. I quite liked it. The writing might not have been the best I've read but the story was really enjoyable.


The characters are very different, from a blind Jewish girl in the second world war, to a nine-year-old suffering through her parents' divorce to a guy using his powers to steal money. Not all the story lines were equally interesting of course, but none were dull. The ending was a bit abrupt but didn't ruin the story. I would read another book in this series (should there be another book).


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!