August 2014 In Books
August 2014 In Books

August has been a great reading month, with 24 books! (I'll admit there are three short stories that are counted as books; so it would be more accurate to say '21 books and three short stories. But that's just nitpicking, isn't it). The new semester starts at the end of September so I hope I will be able to read some more before that time. I've already promised to read The Fault in Our Stars this month, and I've got some ARCs to read as well, but I hope I will find the time to read a book like Hollow City, the sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, one of the books I liked best last month.


First column:

Les Misérables Manga

Serpents Rising

Everyday Psychokillers: a History for Girls


Sweet Unrest


Second column:

One of Us

Last of the Independents

The Crawling Terror

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Return to London


Third column:

How to Survive an Amazon Forum Troll Attack: a Writer's Guide

City of Stairs

The Rose of Fire

The New World



Fourth column:



The Calling

How to Write Anything

Boy 7 (Review to come)


Fifth column:

We Are Not Ourselves

Broken Homes

The Engines of War

Outer Limits