July 2014 in Books
July 2014 in Books

I'd never expected I could read so many books in just a single month! It's a third of what I usually read in a year!


I really last month to get a higher percentage on NG, after I had requested a little bit too much books the last months. I read 18 (!) NG ARCs and my percentage is now about 20% higher than it used to be.


Besides the two last books I've read in July, all reviews for the books in the collage can be found on my blog.


I hope August will be just as great. But it might as well be round-up August, as I'm planning on finally finishing some books that have been 'currently reading' for years sometimes...


Also on my TBR for August:

Outer Limits - Howard Hughes

We Are Not Ourselves - Matthew Thomas

One Of Us - Tawni O'Dell

Everyday Psychokillers: A history for girls - Lucy Corin

Sweet Unrest - Lisa Maxwell