Doctor Who: Engines of War - George Mann

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Publication Date: September 9th


In anticipation of the coming new series of Doctor Who, I'll be reading/reviewing some of the new Doctor Who books. I'm not overly experienced with them yet, as I've only read and discussed Touched by an Angel (my other favourite Doctor Who monsters!)


Because The Engines of War is about the most iconic of the Doctor Who adversaries: The Daleks. The dashboard of my laptop is a Dalek in a gondola, cruising through Venezia (made by my sister). It might not come as a surprise then to find out I was looking forward to meet the Daleks again in this book.


In the middle of the Great Time War the Doctor (The War Doctor) is forced to crash/land on the planet of Moldox (once inhabited by humans, who are now enslaved by the Daleks). He meets Cinder, a girl from Moldox who 'exterminates' Daleks for a living. When they find evidence of some new, powerful Dalek weapon, they hurry back to Gallifrey, but that might not be the wisest of decisions...


I liked it! I'm even looking forward more to the new series, because it read like an episode of Doctor Who. Of course I also liked reading about the Daleks, with their well known voice pattern. George Mann (I hadn't read anything he wrote before) has a very pleasant and easy to visualize style. I would recommend this novel, if you're a fan of the series or the books.


PS. There now is a final cover, as shown below: