Last of the Independents: Vancouver Noir - Sam Wiebe

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Publication Date: August 18th 2014


Another Canadian suspense novel. This one set in Vancouver. Michael Drayton is a 29-year-old private detective, who still haunted by the case of a missing little girl he was unable to save. When another father comes in telling about his son gone missing together with his car, he takes the case. But it's not going to be easy as neither the police nor the last private detective on the case really cared about it.


It was a decent novel, but nothing special. The story was okay, it still felt a bit too long for what was told in the end. Near the ending the plot became a bit unbelievable and I was not really happy with the ending. I had seen it before. It has a first person POV from Michael but then decides it wants to tell something he's not present at. This is solved by shifting the POV slightly in a confusing way. I had to read twice to know that he wasn't present. The story is made a bit lighter to read by a sub-plot containing a necrophiliac in a funeral home, which Michael has to stop before he strikes again.


Micheal is very young for what he has done already. He's an ex-cop and had already run his private detective agency for a few years. And he's only twenty-nine. I wonder how long he's actually been a cop. He's surrounded in his job by his secretary/assistant Kathleen, a boy with a completely different job who for some reason is always around, and a witness/(possible suspect) from his newest case. Together they form a weird group and there is even *sighs* a hint of a love triangle (they now have escaped into other genres besides YA).