Glitch - Brenda Pandos

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Glitch is the first book in the new Lost in Time series.


In this Dystopian society everyone knows exactly when they are going to die and they are constantly reminded because they all were so called DOD (Day of Death) watches. Life is seemingly perfect in Brighton as long as you are a good citizen and stay inside the walls, for the rest of the world is filled with zombies. Yes, zombies.


The start was really promising. I started reading and liked the idea of the watches immediately. They are not just a constant reminder of how long you still have to live, it also reacts on decisions you make. So, if you're about to do something stupid that will cost you your life, you can see it on the watch. Also, when you're really stressed out, you can see it takes some time of your remaining lifespan. Creepy, but very interesting.


Abby starts like all the Dystopian main characters, believing in the world that has been created and the rules. This changes after she meets a blue-eyed boy (for some reason they really don't like blue eyes) who's apparently from the zombie zone. He gives her a slip of paper (paper has been banned, I'm not quite sure why). Unfortunately, although Abby might be immune to the zombie virus she's far from immune to the love triangle virus that roams YA these days. I wish they could find a cure for that.


That was a turning point for me in the book. Not just because I really can't stand love triangles, but also because afterwards the focus of the story was far more on the romantic subplot. And when that seemed settled, the story turns even more chaotic by introducing time travel (that's cool though) and the zombies that were lurking around the corner all book.


The ending was a bit disappointing because it was no ending at all. As I've seen a bit too often lately, the book stops almost mid-sentence to offer the opportunity of a sequel and push the readers into buying it. However, I still enjoyed reading it (especially the first part) and part of me really wants to know how the story continues.