The Calling (Mae Martin Mysteries) (Volume 1) - Amber Foxx

I won a copy of this book in a Booklikes Giveaway.


The Calling is the first book in the Mae Martin Mysteries.


I knew I didn't have to expect a murder or something like that in this story. That I was told before I started reading. But I think I expected a story that could leave an uncanny feeling, and this was not like that.


I'm not sure what the 'Mystery' is that's referred to in the series title, perhaps it's better in the next volume. Mae discovers that she has a gift (this would be a perfect point to start the mystery) but she uses her gift mostly to find lost cats and drunken ex-husbands. After that the story babbles on too long about nothing really, she gets a jobs, takes a course on personal training. Nothing interesting enough to fill a large part of a mystery with.


Of course, the little community she lived in gave me the creeps. But mostly because I wouldn't be able to stand to live so far away from everything I need and be dependent. It probably won't come as a surprise that the small community isn't really happy about Mae's developing powers.


Near the end a new plot line starts, but at that point is was too late for me to really care. It adds some mystery, but I still got the feeling it was all solved too easy. From all the people on the university, Mae happens to know everyone involved!


I could completely understand why Mae wanted to move away from the town she lives in. What I didn't understand is why she moves from not using her powers unless there is a kitten in distress to using it for everything (including spying on people).


So, this book made me feel depressed but mostly bored. I would say this series is, after this book at least, better called 'Mae Martin Miseries'. Because a lot of misery there is. Perhaps it's better in the second book, but I'm not planning to read that one. I was glad I finished this one.