First Death - A.D. Starrling

I was looking forward a lot to the next book in the Seventeen series so I was pleased to find that the first three short stories were now available as a free download from the author's website when you subscribe for her newsletter (


This short story follows Lucas through the terribly moments that surround his first death and that were already mentioned in one (I believe it was the first one) of the books. 


While not adding anything really substantially new to the story, I did enjoy reading it and was glad to be back in one of my favorite urban fantasy series. I would certainly recommend it if you enjoyed the series, even more so since it's free.


First Death is a short story prequel to the Seventeen series. There are more short stories like Dancing Blades and The Meeting, as well as four full length novels called Soul Meaning, King's Crusade, Greene's Calling and Ashstorm.