Greene's Calling - A.D. Starrling

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Greene's Calling is the third book in the Seventeen series. You can also read my reviews of the first books: Soul Meaning and King's Crusade.


Once again, this book is completely different from the first two! The immortals are still the same, and there are some characters from the other books that make an appearance halfway the book, but mostly this is like starting over again. The genre has shifted from man on the run and in search of answers to Dan Brown novel to political thriller is this last instalment (although it's the kind of political thriller that contains a lot of fighting and shooting rather than something more diplomatic).


Greene has been living on his own for some time, trying to get as few human contact as possible. His way of life is brutally destroyed when a small crashes down on his house in the Brazilian jungle. He discovers a plot to assassinate the American president in the papers on board. But that's only the beginning of a much larger scheme...


I enjoyed reading Greene's Calling, just as I enjoyed the other books. I was hoping for more answers concerning the two immortal races, but not really any were given during this book. Greene is (just as both Soul and Alexa) a special snowflake as he - and only he- has an extreme ability to heal mortal people (when I say extreme, I mean extreme). The pace is always fast and there is a lot of action, so if that's something you like, you'll enjoy this book.


One thing I found a bit odd though was that

although all these world leaders were shot by 'the best' assassins, in the end only the Russian dies. Some old cold war feelings?

And what a lousy assassins! Or, more people with healing powers, because what are your chances of surviving being shot in the head (as happened to quite some of the world leaders)?

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