Doctor Who: Silhouette - Justin Richards

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


I requested some Doctor Who novels because of the new series of Doctor Who, now featuring the 12th Doctor. I've to admit I still need to watch it, but I missed the first one, and want to catch up before I start watching the newer episodes. If you want to catch up on more Doctor Who books, you can read my reviews for Touched by an Angel (Weeping Angels), The Engines of War ("Ex-ter-mi-nate!") and The Crawling Terror (Giant Insects).


After The Crawling Terror Silhouette is the second novel I've read featuring the 12th Doctor. Although I haven't seen the new series yet, it felt like this was a good portrayal of him. There are some remarks about his older 'age' and appearance from Clara, who is her unlikeable self. Together they travel to Victorian England to investigate an energy peak. At a carnival they walk into Madame Vastra & Jenny investigating the mysterious murder of a man who's last action was to call for Madame Vastra. Strax is also in this novel, and as he's one of my favourite side characters in Doctor Who I was glad to see he's got something like his own story in this novel. But there's still another man walking around the Carnival who's not quite of this world.


It also features origami birds and the mysterious Silhouette, so it's not hard to imagine this story is almost overstuffed for its 250 pages. However, it doesn't feel this way. And at the end everything closes in a nice way and it fits together very well. I liked it as a nice and quick, easy read and would recommend it to Whovians. You'll most likely enjoy this story just like I did.