Edit June 2015: 21 More Quite Random Things About Me


After the great idea Grim started, I've spent three days thinking of things that are worth sharing. Not sure if I succeeded in finding 10 interesting things though, but please, see for yourself!


1. I really like the colour Orange, people often assume it's a sort of patriotism (since I'm Dutch and orange is the national colour; that is convenient though, because that means there are a lot of orange things for sale =) ) but I just really like the colour. It puts the best features from both yellow and red together, and never fails to make me feel happy.


2. At the moment I'm living in two different countries. My college is in Belgium (the Dutch-speaking part fortunately), so on weekdays I live there, but in the weekends I return to my parents('s home) in The Netherlands.


3. Speaking of College, I attend the classes from Biomedical Science (and I'm in my final bachelor year) an I'm training to be a Medical Researcher. I get extremely frustrated and annoyed by people who assume I actually wanted to be a MD but somehow failed to get in to Med School, because that's just not true. I never wanted to be a doctor, but people don't seem to think that's a possibility. They therefore think Biomedical Sciences is less than Med School. But it ain't, believe me. It's just a different focus on certain subjects (I don't need to know in detail what medicine is given to a certain disease; but it's more important that I know what is exactly happening in a cell in a certain disease). OK, sorry for the rant, but it is just that ever since I started, I've had the feeling that I somehow have to defend myself for choosing BMS over Med School, of course to people who know nothing about either.


4. I really like to travel to different cities and explore them. More than once I've actually fallen in love with a city. Like: Berlin, London and Hong Kong.


5. I can get really fanatic watching the Olympic Games, Winter or Summer doesn't really matter. Especially now the Dutch speed skaters have done such an incredibly great job, capturing most of the medals =). I feel very proud, even though I can't even skate on ice myself. But I even like watching weird sports I didn't even know existed like the Mogul Skiing, that's a weird sport. It's the same with the World/European championships Soccer, but at least I've once won the city tournament indoor soccer for girls aged 10-12 with my team =)


6. I never read Harry Potter before I was fifteen (in 2008), because my parents are not exactly fantasy fans and I therefore didn't think I would like it. But I'm very glad I did read them, I wouldn't have wanted to miss these books!


7. When I was younger I watched a lot of Air Crash Investigation. So much so, that I'm now afraid of flying. I'm not completely terrified and I will fly, but it's really stressful and I always feel sick the day before flying. When I went to fly for the first time, I was so scared I might not return, that I phoned all my friends to say goodbye in case I wouldn't make it back alive. (They laughed at me)


8. For years now I've had a certain idea for a story. In my head I've been working on it, creating scenes and everything. But as soon as I start the actual writing, it's not good. I won't give up and give it another try soon.


9. Last term I had a class on communication skills (Oh, how I had been looking forward to that day - Uhmm, not). After the presentation I was forced to give I got the comment I talked like a machine gun. Apparently I talk in salvos, I say a lot in a short time and then a break (most likely to breathe). When I told this to my friends they all agreed that I indeed talk in this way. (So, Beware!)


10. Although I always said I wouldn't need an eReader, I've bought one yesterday. I got a lot of ebooks lately (mostly from netgalley) and reading on my laptop just isn't nice, so I decided I needed an eReader. I've bought a very beautiful Kobo Glo (Black), because most of my bookish friends have them, and they are all very happy with it, so I hope I'll be as well. Yesterday there was some stress as I couldn't figure out how to put my books on it, but all is well now.