I really liked Otto Von Trapezoid And The Empress Of Thieves. It was absurd, weird and a lot of fun to read due to its randomness. So, when I got an email announcing Jesse Baruffi had written three special bonus epilogues, I didn't hesitate.


Prepare for more randomness, absurdity and weirdness. But all in a good way of course. All of them are really short, so if you enjoyed reading the book, I would definitely recommend them. These stories can easily be read in a few minutes. Perfect for when you're terribly behind on your reading challenge?


Requiem for a Twine takes place at a Twine Aid festival and was my personal favourite of the three.


The Further Adventures of the Talking Skull of Teddy Roosevelt is just as weird as the title suggests.


Marooned ties some of the loose ends of the book together.


The stories can all be read on Wattpad.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of these stories in exchange for an honest review!