Silverkronan - Anna Jansson

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I couldn't find an English translation of this book.


There was a time some years back when I really liked to read Scandinavian (mostly Swedish) detective stories. Silverkronan was one of those books I found in the library and read in that phase. Since, I've shifted my orientation to a much wider variety of books and I noticed it really has been some time since I read anything Scandinavian...


Two dead bodies, only one thing that seems to connect them: signs of a snakebite.


It was a nice fast read, though the story was quite forgettable and not unlike many other detectives. It was the first (and so far only) book I read by Anna Jansson so I'm unable to compare her books, but I've heard this is considered one of her weaker ones. There are a lot of shifting POVs which IMHO could have been less, so I would have been able to connect more with the characters...


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book.