Birdsong - Sebastian Faulks Civil War: The History of England - Peter Ackroyd Every Ugly Word - Aimee L. Salter Imitation - Heather Hildenbrand Artful - Peter David The Vines - Christopher Rice

Moonlight Reader started the TBR Thursday, and I think it's a good way to a) show what new books I've got and b) confront myself with my inability to lower my TBR. In fact, since I started recording it, it has risen significantly. I get the feeling I'm doing something wrong here...


This week it's all like those movie adaptations that feel like they can't fit it all into one movie. Though, in this case it's not a way to make more money, it's purely practical. Booklikes will only let me add 10 books to a post, while I have to blog about 11, I'm ashamed to admit.


This week I got auto-approved for two more publishers. I was of course very flattered and pleased with this little fact, so I went through their catalogues and found far too many nice books. They are on my TBR now, and I also added some books I'd requested some time ago but only got approved for this week. As always, I'm really looking forward to reading them, as soon as I find the time to do so. University starts again next Tuesday so I hope I can finish some books before then.


TBR pile currently stands at 183. (+8)

(Netgalley ARCs at 67 (+9)) - I'm really going to do something about that!


Birdsong is a novel about the First World War, and with the 100 year memorial it seemed like a good book to read now. I think I've seen parts of a BBC adaptation a few years ago, but I'm not quite sure.


About Rebellion I'd heard a lot of positive things and besides I'm really interested in British history (credits to Horrible Histories ;) )


Imitation seemed like a really interesting Dystopian story, I can never pass on them. And later I added Every Ugly Word as well, because someone was very positive about it, but I can't remember who.


After my disastrous reading experience with The Artful (Wilbert Stanton) I was told that there are many books about the Artful Dodger that are in fact nice to read, so I'm hoping Artful (Peter David) will be one of those.


The Vines looked like it would be a nice read for the upcoming Halloween season...