The Traveler's Wake - J.P. Moynahan

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Multi-millionaire Wes has only one reason to travel around the planet: to find the best place on earth to kill himself. Unfortunately for him, he never gets lucky on his mission.


This book started quite good and was very interesting. I really got into the story and was curious as to why he was so certain he wanted to kill himself. There was more than enough mystery surrounding everything to keep the thing going.


This changed however about halfway, when the story took a turn for the worse. First there was a preachy bit, telling me that killing myself would get me to Hell and that God has a meaning for everyone and everything, yes, even your brain tumour. *sigh* I don't like preachy stories, I'm perfectly capable to make up my own mind, thank you.


But afterwards, things get even more bizarre as the story then turns to a 'my guns are bigger than your guns'-kind of story and 'Let's see how many people I can shoot in the head!'. I have to admit, this is were the story completely lost me. I finished the book, but I didn't like the second half. 


Which is a shame as the beginning was really promising. The setting in Lima, Peru, was something different as well, and I liked that.  I still got the feeling that the second part is more where the preferences of the author lie, so I think I'll pass on more books from this author.