Boy 7 - Mirjam Mous

I couldn't find an English translation of this originally Dutch YA book, but apparently there is a German edition.


A boy wakes up on the side of the road. He doesn't know where he is, doesn't even know who he is. All he has is a backpack filled with seemingly not useful things and a mobile phone. There's one message on that phone: "Whatever you do, don't call the police." It may seem strange advice, but the most terrifying part is, it's his own voice.


The story is not unlike that of the movie Paycheck, where the main character tries to puzzle his memory back together using items he has sent himself. I found it interesting anyway. My youngest sister had asked me to read it first, to see if there was some scary stuff in it. There isn't really. It's promoted as YA, but I would market it to a bit younger teens. The writing is a bit too childish for YA and the problems in the story are also solve a little bit too easily for my liking.


One thing I thought a bit odd was that the setting was in the USA. (Nothing weird, I hear you think) But for a Dutch author it doesn't really makes sense. It didn't feel very American, were it not for the many references to PizzaHut, Wallmart and Wendy's. Especially with the latter two, the author went on to explain what they were (for we don't have them in The Netherlands), and it felt very weird to me.


But still, it was an enjoyable story, and I thank my sister for making me read it. It reads very fast, so if you've got a few spare hours...