The Long Walk - Stephen King

Richard Bachman is a pseudonym used by Stephen King for his early works.


Dystopian novels are very popular these days. When people talk about the Hunger Games, they say it's like Battle Royale. If they know a bit more about the Dystopian genre, it's only a matter of time before the talk comes to The Long Walk, which was written and published long before even Battle Royale.


100 boys start The Long Walk. It's not really clear why they start, there doesn't seem to be real pressure but the winner is promised whatever he wants. They have to run 4 miles/hour until there's only one boy standing. They get three warnings, after which they will be shot.


It was enjoyable story, but I could sense that this was Stephen King's earlier works, as I was missing some explanation as to why they take this run and everything. But that's just a minor point. I would recommend this to people who enjoyed said novels, or like Dystopian novels in general.