Last week I posted some Bookish Dutch ((Bookish) Dutch 101.1) because I'd received some questions and I think it's fun to learn about foreign languages and just suppose other people like it as well.


Today I'm taking the conversation to a very important place: De boekwinkel! (Bookstore). Most bookstores in the Netherlands will have at least some selection of English titles available. Mostly best-sellers but sometimes they've got a nice choice of books. So, it's not necessarily a problem should you run out of books (The horror!) on vacation, it would be the perfect reason to buy more books. I know that in Amsterdam there are also some English/American bookstores like the ABC and (I think but I'm not sure) a Waterstones.


The English translation are once again in the spoilers, so try and see how many you can guess correctly!


First a very important word I forgot last week:


NTL(Nog Te Lezen)-Stapel


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Hallo. Waar kan ik een boekwinkel vinden?

Hello. Where can I find a bookstore?

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Verkoopt u ook Engelstalige boeken?

Do you also sell English books?

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Waar kan ik de Engelstalige boeken vinden?

Where can I find the English books?

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Tweedehands boeken

Used Books

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Literatuur/Geschiedenis/Spanning/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Kinderboeken/Kookboeken/Reisboeken

Literature/History/Suspense/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Children books/Cooking books/Travel books

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Ik kijk gewoon even rond.

I'm just browsing.

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Ik zoek een boek.

I'm looking for a book.

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Een specifiek boek?

A specific book?

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Is het een cadeau?

Is it a present? Meaning: Shall I wrap it?

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Nee, het is voor mijzelf.

No, it's for me.

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Next week: Harry Potter


Any suggestions? What would you like to see translated?