I received some questions over the last few weeks about the Dutch language, and it gave me the idea to share some basic bookish Dutch words with you.
It's something I personally really like, to learn a bit about foreign languages, and I hope you'll enjoy it as well!


Dutch has a twin-sister language Flemish, that almost exactly the same but for some words or certain expressions. German is like close family, making it at least close to the border, possible to kind-of understand each other while speaking in ones own language. More distant there's the Scandinavian languages of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, with their more 'singing' rhythm of speech that's not present in Dutch, unfortunately for I really like it. I've been trying to learn some Swedish over the last couple of years, and when I try I can now sort of understand what people are saying (sometimes at least).


Now onto some bookish Dutch. I've put the translations into spoilers so you can try yourself and guess what everything means. Good luck!


Boek / Boeken

Book / Books

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Lezen / Las / Gelezen

To Read / Read / Read


as in:


Ik lees/las/heb gelezen - I read/read/'ve read

Jij leest/las/hebt gelezen - You read/read/'ve read

Hij/Zij/Het leest/las/heeft gelezen - He/She/It reads/read/has read

Wij/Jullie/Zij lezen/lazen/hebben gelezen - We/You/They read/read/'ve read

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Review copy

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Wat ben je aan het lezen?

What are you reading?

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Ik lees (*voeg boektitel toe*) van (*voeg schrijver toe*).

I'm reading (*insert book title*) by (*insert author*).

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Bevalt het?

Do you like it?

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Ja / Nee / Een beetje

Yes / No / A little bit

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Next week: Bookstores!


Any suggestions, questions or words you'd like to learn, please let me know!