Death Be Not Proud - C.F. Dunn

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Death Be Not Proud (of course named after the John Donne poem) is the second book in the The Secret Of The Journal-series.


I didn't know it was a second book in a series until I started reading and the book began with a summary of the first book. There was some confusion for me at the beginning of the book, as I had some troubles following what was going exactly, but I realise that's all my fault (I should have read the first book of course).


Emma is back home in England after what happened in the first book. She's depressed, until she finds a new way to investigate Matthew, and he's not what he seemed to be.


It started quite interesting, and I couldn't decide if it was going to be a thriller or some light fantasy. There are at least some mysterious things going on, but it really isn't a large part of the book. About halfway I lost interest as it turned out it was neither of them.


What I got was sloppy romance. I didn't like the romance. It was the kind of romance where Emma keeps telling him she's got nothing to offer him (although she teaches at a University). She keeps telling she's not good enough for mister oh-so perfect. He on his part makes decisions for her (how she liked that he assumed what she wanted to do; for once I'm not even sarcastic) en tells her he could so easily kill her and no one would ever know (and she's kind of fine with that; I mean: what a romantic thing to say). There is no more room for investigation, and the interesting plot lines from the beginning seem to be forgotten.


The formatting of the ebook I got was terrible, as in unreadable on a KOBO, so I had to read this book on my laptop. (This is of course due to the fact that's an ARC and not an ePub, but it ruins quite some of the pleasure of reading). This combined with the story in the second half of the book made this a bit of a struggle to finish. I won't be continuing this series.