Horrible Histories: Vile Victorians - Terry Deary, Martin C. Brown

Vile Victorians is part of the Horrible Histories series, which I love...


it's no surprise that I liked this book, as I'm a huge fan of the series, both the books and the sketch show by the BBC (which unfortunately stopped last year). In this part of the series you can learn everything you've always wanted to know (or not) about the Vile Victorians, and Vile they were. 


A warning at the start, it says:

"This book is not suitable for adults"

But I felt like YOLO and decided to read it anyway. :) No serious symptoms were found on me, but perhaps this is just because of my ever young spirit.


What I especially likes in this book were small things like the time line, divided in the good (publication first Sherlock Holmes novel), the bad (sexism) and the ugly (cholera). What I really liked as well was that this book (seemingly more than the other ones I've read so far) focussed for quite some time on literature, poetry and theatre. Victorian literature is a part of English literature I'm not enough familiar with, as my English teacher couldn't stand Charles Dickens and decided to skip the whole period. See, you can learn a lot from this book (and it's not even extremely vile. But other things most certainly were...