A Triple Knot - Emma Campion

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Since I read the ebook, the story wasn't completely spoiled for me by the original blurb. I've read the publisher has now changed the blurb and it does no longer contain the spoilers. So far, so good.


I've got to admit I'd never even heard about Joan of Kent, let alone know her story. Now is there not really a lot known of her life, but Emma Campion has used the little facts that survived six centuries to create a very interesting novel. As she was a cousin to the 'Black prince' (Richard II's father) and a ward of his parents, she was destined to become a pawn in their political games. But she doesn't just let that happen.


Overall, I liked the story. It's based on facts, filled in with a lot of speculation as to the whats and whys of everything. I enjoyed reading it. The writing was nice, but it was no fast read for me. I had some issues with the pacing. Some episodes were rather slow, and (in my humble opinion) seemed not so important but were given large portions of the book, while other more important passages felt rushed. Especially the ending felt very rushed and the story didn't feel complete yet. But those are just minor complaints, I would still recommend this book if you like historical novels about the Plantagenets...