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1. What was the last book you marked as 'Read'?
King's Crusade by AD Starrling


2. What are you 'Currently Reading'?
Too much...
The Rise & Fall of Great Powers - Tom Rachman
The Shining Girls - Lauren Beukes
The Calling - Amber Foxx
Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
Winter In Madrid - CJ Samson
How I Found Livingstone in Central Africa - Henry M. Stanley
Death Note 13 - Tsugumi Ohba
Chinese in a Flash Vol.1 - Philip Yungkin Lee


3. What was the last book you marked as 'To-Read'?
The Killer App by John Writher


4. What book do you plan to read next?

The Artful by Wilbert Stanton


5. Do you use the star rating system?
I just give the stars, I never really change them to the GR-levels.


6. Are you doing a 2014 reading challenge?
Yes. My goal was to read 68 books, but right now I'm on 76 so I'm planning to raise the challenge after I finish my exams.
7. Do you have a wishlist?
I've got a shelve called 'wishlist' but that is mostly next instalments in series I don't want to forget about.
8. What book do you want to buy next?
Despite the fact I've still got plenty of books to read, I'm looking forward to buying Broken Homes (Ben Aaronovitch - Peter Grant #4). The right edition is finally published!


9. Do you have any favorite quotes? Would you like to share a few?

Although I quote series etc all the time, I can't really come up with something good right now. I'll just go with:
“So many books, so little time.”
- Frank Zappa

10. Who are your favorite authors?

Hard to say, my list of favourite authors has not been updated for ages, but consists of:

Camilla Läckberg (Swedish Thrillers)

Suzanne Collins (This list is indeed very old)

Sharon Bolton


11. Have you joined any groups?

Yes. I'm mostly active in a group for Young Dutch Readers.


12. Are there any questions you'd like to add to this tag?


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