Myrren's Gift - Fiona McIntosh

This is the first book in the Quickening Trilogy.


I happened to read some other reviews before I started writing my own (which I rarely do), but honestly, I don't see why they are all so negative. I mean, this is far from the best book I've ever read but still I enjoyed reading it. (I've read tons of books I liked less).


The story itself was quite interesting, although some of the plotlines make the story itself a bit easy, especially Myrren's gift,

which makes he can't really be killed, but instead switches bodies with whoever tried to kill him. So the killer - if a good killer - dies.

(show spoiler)

However original, this is something I'm afraid will turn to become an easy way to introduce plottwists later in the trilogy.


Nevertheless I just enjoyed reading this book, and that's my main criterion when I judge a book. I'm planning to read the other two books in this series as well, as soon as I find the time to do so...


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book.