As the Crow Flies - Robin Lythgoe

I won this book via a BL giveaway, thank you!



I read this book for a challenge reading books with yellow covers, and indeed, it fits beautifully. :) The story however was kind of a disappointment, it didn't work for me. It was just another story about a rogue (which was good) on some kind of magical quest (cliché) with the help of a (funny) sidekick (cliché again). It's not a bad story, it reads like very traditional fantasy, and you will find all the aspects that are associated with it. A lot happens, straight from the beginning, but the story never really grasped my full attention. And believe me, I tried. 


And it was a long story. Normally, I don't mind, but I did feel like this story could have been quite a bit shorter and that it would have read a lot better in that case. But that's just my personal opinion. The characters sometimes felt a bit empty, especially the female ones. So, all in all, the book was 'mwah' but I really liked the cover!