Dangerous Creatures (Book 1) - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you.


I haven't read the Beautiful Creatures -series, and I do feel that I missed quite a lot in this book because I hadn't. It is a new series, although a spin-off series, but some information would have been helpful to understand what was going on. I understand this is (at least) partly my fault, but I though 'New Series - I can just jump onto the bandwagon'. Especially with the world building, some additional information would have been useful. (That the characters already have a history I don't know everything about is only a pro!) But I was a bit confused as what the types of 'creatures' were, and what rules apply. Like, what is Ridley obsession with the lollipops? And what exactly IS an non-eating/sleeping Incubus. For a second I thought it was kind of a vampire, but how could one be a quarter-vampire? Bites, uhm, beats me. 


Ridley is not your typical, amiable MC. She's a Siren, something 'dark', but basically just really manipulative. And she's not really having a great summer. However, things are even worse for her 1/4 Incubus (vampire?) sort-of boyfriend (but only when it's inconvenient actually) Link, who's constantly being manipulated. 


This book was a nice, fast read. I actually enjoyed it more than I expected after reading the #0.5 book in this series (review is coming up). There is this annoying love triangle, and I really don't understand why every (YA) novel needs to have a love triangle, or pyramid or whatever. Also beware of unexplained magic (if you haven't read the first series), bad Pink Floyd jokes and chapters called after songs (like: Another Brick In The Wall, Stairway To Heaven, Comfortably Numb, Knockin' On Heaven's Door). I think I will try the second book in this series as well, when it is published.