No Worst, There Is None - Eve McBride

I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


Not so important side note: The word 'worst' in Dutch means 'sausage', so every time I thought of this book, I read it as 'No sausage, there is none'. Never failed to make me smile, however, it was by far the best part of the book, unfortunately.


I'm not sure what happened, but I felt disappointed very early into the book. The writing style annoyed me, a lot. It was a weird kind of third-person POV with ultra short sentences. The whole time. Stating things that are obvious. (Like: telling what blood type the victim has in three lines; while it can be as short as 'O+'; Or explaining to readers that people who discover bodies are often suspects and at least questioned - You don't say?) All the time. At least that is how this reader felt about it.

I was also really annoyed by all the sexual frustration in this book. I understand that the child-raping/murdering paedophile is seriously messed up, but every character in this book is. Even with the children, the thoughts end up on genitals (7-year-old) or loosing virginity (11-year-old). And that's just the first part! (I normally don't mind, but this was just too much I guess and it felt all ill-fitting, not facilitating the story at all. I mean, if I wanted that I would just read 50 shades)


The characters, I couldn't care for them. The weird mother and father, going to work 'like usually' while there are search parties looking for their child. The paedophile? No thanks. The unconvincing stalker-story? Nope. Even the dog wasn't interesting.


The ending felt rushed and easy, but I was mostly just glad the book was over. Finally. Not for me, this one, I wouldn't recommend.