The Unfinished - Patrice Williams Marks

I won a free copy of this story via the BL-giveaways in exchange for an honest review.


This is a very short story, only 17 pages long (Says GR, I haven't yet found how I can see page number on my Kindle-for-PC program). Still, it is able to present to you a intriguing story based on a very interesting idea. Bring back the murdered (only for 72 hours) so they are no longer only Silent Witnesses to their crimes.


I really liked this idea, and would like to read a full-length novel about it although I have to admit that I quite like the very abrupt ending that was provided for this short story. There was also a short teaser for what the rest of the book is going to be about, but in my humble opinion, it had been better if it just stopped at the end of the short story.


Besides, I did see quite a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes, which made me go like 'EDITING!', that should really be better. Especially since this is such a short story, you don't expect to find many mistakes in it. I'm however still curious enough to read the full novel, when it is ready.