Aspen - Rebekah Crane

I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


When I first started reading I was no longer sure why I had requested it. This book is far from my comfort zone, but somehow when I saw it I wanted to read Aspen. I'm glad I did, for it was a very nice surprise to me! 


Aspen's senior year is not like everyone else's. Still haunted, quite literally, by Katelyn, a popular soccer player - and, thanks to the car crash Aspen was involved in, dead. While she tries to continue her life as normal as possible and to forget, everything seems to have changed.


This isn't an action packed book, and despite the fact that Katelyn isn't quite gone, it doesn't feel paranormal either. It's the -surprisingly- witty account of Aspen's senior year, her life with her somewhat strange mother and friends and I didn't even mind the romance, because I felt like it fitted in this book. I was positively surprised and would recommend this book as a light read, although it also focusses on coping with guild and someone's death.