It has been some time since I've been really active on my blog and Booklikes because I've been very busy these last four weeks. At the end of my bachelor in Biomedical Sciences there is a large project that allows you to do some 'real' research and spent a lot of time in a lab, unfortunately leaving very few time for other things, like reading.

My project was HDR-syndrome and the gene causing it: GATA3. (If you're interested, you can read more about it on its OMIM-page) In short, it's a genetic disease that causes hearing loss, low bloodlevels of calcium and in some cases kidney problems. Only 46 cases have been reported so far. It was a very interesting project, but right now, I can't stand the words HDR or GATA3 anymore.


I'm so glad the Easter Holidays have started! I really needed a break after those four weeks, so now I'll finally have time to catch up on my reading (I'm still 25 books ahead of my challenge, but I'd like to read more :D)


I'm reading a lot of books at the moment, I'll try to get down to three or so (in total) as soon as possible.

Actively reading this week:

*Adaptation - Malinda Lo

*Riot - Sarah Mussi

*The Maze Runner - James Dashner

*Behind The Wall - Exploring GRRM's world


Upcoming -probably- :

*Sharcano - Jose Prendes

*The Steady Running of The Hour - Justin Go


I'll also write the reviews I still need to write!


Happy Reading!