Human - Milan Bakrania

I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


In one word: Chaotic


The somewhat longer - and hopefully less chaotic- version: This was a very weird reading experience, I can't really say I liked it. The story is set in India, which I liked because I always like a change of setting and some originality in stories. I haven't been/lived in India, so I can't decide if the writer has portrayed a realistic India or not. But I still liked to see something different.


Then there's this virus, no one has bothered to name it. It is airborne and kills faster than you can say 'Pandemic', however the body count is still below 2000 and people who are with the persons dying of the disease (survival rate +/- 0%) don't seem to get affected by this AIRBORNE virus. At all. And this is supposed to be the end of humanity.


And there's also Joy, Zen's missing friend and what follows is by far the clumsiest investigation I've read in a while. He just starts running like a headless chicken after the police said 'Would it have been a murder or something drug related, we would certainly investigate, but we don't do missing persons...'


So far, so good, although nothing special. And that's where the story takes a turn for weirdness and completely lost me. It turned into one big 'WTH did I just read?'. In the end I couldn't even care about the story any more. I would not recommend it.