Guidebook To Murder - Lynn Cahoon

I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley, thank you!


A very short review: This book wasn't for me.


A bit longer review: Guidebook To Murder is the first book in a new series Tourist Trap Mysteries. I'd call it a cozy mystery, but I have to admit after reading this novel, it's not my genre. It felt like Midsummer Murders covered in a sugar coat. It annoyed me. 


I like my mysteries or thrillers or whatever you like to call them to be more realistic, less cozy (someone has been murdered after all) and -if possible- with less personal drama from the main character. Jill has fled the big city and has now this bookshop annex café selling Books, Coffee and More. Her best friend ends up dead, (she's murdered) and -quite literally- the list of suspects and motives is endless! It was as if no one did NOT have some reason to kill her.


Jill immediately decides she will find the culprit herself, I mean what is the police for anyway? She's also being stalked/protected by a police officer, and she reminds us about every second page that he is married. Just in case we forgot.

Why does she have to go investigate all by herself? It's an irritation I often find in a book, why don't they just leave it for the police, it's their work! (And then they are surprised their lives are in danger because they wanted to investigate).


Some other weird things happened. Jill inherits Miss Emily's house, and she moves in before the poor old lady is even buried! That seems a bit odd to me...

And while people go missing, it is only natural the only thing you can think of is the police guy being married.


I guess there are a lot of people who enjoy this kind of books, and I really think they will enjoy Guidebook to Murder too. And in case you were wondering, no Guidebook to Murder is actually given in this book...