Bay's End - Edward Lorn

I received a free copy of Bay's End from Edward Lorn (here on Booklikes as E.) in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Thank you! And I would like to add that he really is a very nice person (for what I've seen on this site at least =) ) and that that certainly is worth mentioning now all this BBAs get so much attention. It's good to see it's not all bad!


In exchange, Bay's End got the honour of being the first eBook read on my brand new Kobo Glo! (I'm sorry, I'm just so excited about my new eReader, that I keep mentioning it xD)


I read the blurb of Bay's End and was immediately curious. One little incident, and pretty much a ruined life. Not all is as it seems. And it is safe to say, quite a lot does happen that summer in 1992 in Bay's End. It's not a sleepy town any more.


Whilst reading I wasn't completely sure whether this was going to be thriller or horror, so I just kept expecting some freaky stuff to happen. I won't spoil this feeling for anyone who wants to find out by him/herself but it turns out to be


(show spoiler)


The language is - as I was warned - quite strong, but I've read worse without any kind of warning, so it wasn't a problem for me. Besides, I felt like it helped building the characters for me. Twelve year old boys, pretending to be all grown up, though masculinity, but really they're just kids trying to cope with life and the pretty weird stuff happening around them.


The story started a bit slow, I have to admit, but once 'the cherry bombs' happen, the pace gets a lot faster and it is almost impossible to stop reading. You know from the beginning things aren't going to be OK, and hints are being dropped. And, I could relate as to why the characters wouldn't be able to get them at the time, especially when you realise this happens a lot and people in RL aren't able to get the hints either.

I knew what was going to happen at the ending, but still I felt sad after finishing the book. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the book and liked the writing. This definitely will not be the last I'll read from Edward Lorn.