Felicia forsvant (William Wisting #2) - Jørn Lier Horst

I couldn't find an English translation of this book, apparently they've only started translating this series from book 6 on. (This is the second book; which is - as far as I know - the only book translated in to Dutch)


Scandinavian thrillers have been immensely popular for the last few years. Personally, I really like them, but after reading quite a few I've been disappointed quite some times. Because it eventually shows that this genre isn't different from any other. There are (quite a few) really good authors, but also some who are very bad.


Luckily this book didn't disappoint at all, I really liked it. The story was quite suspenseful, even though it was about a cold case (and they made it sound very realistic as to why it was important the case was solved at once). The writing was very nice as well, I hope I will come across some more of his books one day...


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book.