The Illustrated Man - Ray Bradbury

I don't remember exactly why I bought this book, and I think it has been on my TBR for the last two years. But as I'm trying to actually read my TBR, I came across the Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, most famous of course for his novel Fahrenheit 451.


And, I really was surprised at how much I liked this book! (I also like Fahrenheit 451, now I think of it), but this novel is more like a collection of short stories (the central story is fascinating, but very small, and from a given point, it doesn't even appear between the short stories any more). I'm not a particular fan of short stories, but some of these were really good.


Most of them were SF, though some of them tended to be more like Horror-SF (if something like that exists?). Written in 1951, there is a fascination of atom bombs, biological warfare, space missions, the general destruction of live as we know it and (because this is Ray Bradbury) book burnings. Nice to read it now, as some of the stories are set in like 1969 or 2005, it's funny what people thought might have become of us by then =)


I'd not thought I would like this book so much, and now I actually want to read even more books by Ray Bradbury.