Dreary & Naughty: Friday the 13th of February - John LaFleur, Shawn Dubin

I received a free copy via Netgalley from Schiffer Publishing Ltd in exchange for an honest review.


I had not read the first books in this series, nor actually any book like it. It's a story told both in drawings and a long poem. This poem does not only tells us a story, but is also witty or cute at times.


It took me a little time to get adjusted to the style, causing me to re-read the start, and that really helped me to understand and enjoy this story. I was particularly taken by the fact it doesn't want to be a crowded big story, instead it just a very sweet tale of how the quality of some good friends is so much more valuable than the quantity of blanc adoration Naughty receives at Valentines Day.


One little problem I had with the book, perhaps this is just me because I'm not used to reading poetry (but really, this is no pretentious poetry), but the rhyming scheme seemed of a bit sometimes. As I couldn't stop myself from saying it out loud (in my head) and the rhythm seemed off a bit on a few occasions. (I also couldn't stop myself from thinking about Miffy whilst reading; I know that isn't a Gothic style story, but it also has one page drawing/one page text and the same rhyming scheme =) )


Overall a very enjoyable and fast read. A very nice surprise for me to read!