Der Schatten - Petra Hammesfahr

I couldn't find a Dutch translation of Der Schatten (the shadow).


On my school, they were bribing students to help them out on a info day with books. Of course, I wasn't able to resist. This book was my payment. 


Stella used to produce films, but is now an alcoholic with a disabled child and her mother-in-law living with her. One night, when one of her films is on television, she suddenly sees the monster from the film in her own living room. The next day, the child is missing, the mother-in-law is murdered and Stella is KO thanks to alcohol. No one believes Stella when she says what she saw...


A very interesting story. I got into the story very fast and it was almost impossible to put down. It was a fast read (even though over 500 pages long). The writing was good, as always. I think this is my favourite book by Petra Hammesfahr. (Such a shame they never since translated one of her books)


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book