Die Chefin - Petra Hammesfahr

I couldn't find an English translation of Die Chefin.

Normally I always like the books by Petra Hammesfahr, but I didn't like Die Chefin at all. The story seemed to be interesting in my opinion, but somehow the story ended up being boring. I couldn't wait to finish the book (so I could start reading a better book).


Maybe I expected a different story, cause in the book it is mostly about a woman who killed her husband. She gets a relationship with the inspector investigating this particular murder. This could have been a very interesting story, but it wasn't unfortunately


I would not recommend this book to anyone, but I've read all her other books (at least the one that were translated into Dutch) and I liked the others very much. If you're willing to read something by Petra Hammesfahr, don't choose this one!


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book