Someone to Run With - David Grossman, Vered Almog, Maya Gurantz

Original Title: מישהו לרוץ איתו / Mishehu laruts ito

This is a YA novel, set in Israel, and I can't really remember why I picked it up in the first place. I probably thought it was something special, because of the somewhat unusual setting. It turned out to be an unusual novel.


It's a touching story about Tamar, who quite literally wants to do to find her drug addicted brother and help him to get over his addiction. So much so, that she decides she must go and live on the streets and be a street performer, in order to be undercover enough to be able to save her brother.


There are some things I found a bit shocking/hard to compute. Are there so much children living on the streets there, being my most urgent one. I liked the writing, the story isn't particularly fast but reads very nice. I was a bit annoyed though because there was at a certain point a lot of foreshadowing. 'Something was about to happen...' 'They had no idea what would happen to them' A bit too much of that. But overall, it was a very nice and special read.


I'd like to make a note on the extremely ugly cover here provided by BookLikes. It's awful!


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book