Fear - Michael  Grant

My library did a great job (!) by keeping me waiting on this book for over a year. Which is quite strange, as they bought all the other books in this series almost immediately after publication. Anyway, it made that I had somewhat lost the connection to the story, as I read Fear almost two years after Plague.


We're one year inside the FAYZ. Those lucky enough to survive this long, now get an entire new problem. Sunlight is fading, prepare for darkness/Darkness!


Like I said, I had (for the first time) some trouble to get into the series again, but after 50 pages or so, that was no longer a problem. So much happens in these books, that it is almost impossible to stop reading. I really enjoyed this series and this book as well, although for the first time, I thought it might be stretched a little too far, become a little too far fetched. Besides, even though there is more than enough happening in this book, you can feel it is building up for the finale in book six, which I believe will be some massive battle...