Plague: A Gone Novel - Michael Grant

Fourth book in the Gone Series. I liked reading it, it is always something to look forward to when I see the newest of the Gone novels has arrived at my library. Luckily it turned out just as nice as I hoped it would be.

One could possibly think that after four books, the story tends to get a bit boring but somehow that isn't how I see it. I loved reading it, and I think they're getting better every book I read. They have new problems every time, but they don't seem that weird for me. OK, a lot of weird stuff is going on, definitely, but I at this point don't feel like the new problems are too far fetched to be believable.
I've also read Kings Under The Dome, which has some parallels, but I actually like this series better. I'm really interested in what comes next and I can't wait for my library to finally buy the fifth book! (I wrote this very optimistically, but it would take my library very long to actually buy it, almost 1,5 years after publication)