Hunger  - Michael  Grant

This is the second book in the Gone series, and we're now three months in the FAYZ, where the kids are starting to find out that doing nothing equals no food. No food equals hunger and starvation. Another recipe for trouble.


This book is darker than Gone, and that wasn't exactly pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows either. New characters (some with new mutations) and POVs are created throughout the whole book, making sure the pace is very fast and it is very hard to put the book down. Some might even say it's near impossible. This book had me reading to 2 am on a weekday.


It's more than just a fantasy or SF YA; the kids have to struggle trough a lot more than that. Being without any adults, makes them see they have to take their own responsibilities or else starve. What will they do when they haven't eaten in a week? Who will be in charge of the FAYZ? What exactly is this Darkness?

A lot of different plot lines are positioned in this book, (as well as in the next books), making sure there never is a dull moment. I really liked it.