Crippen - John Boyne

I'm enjoying this book so much! It's a typical John Boyne, and I really like it.


One of the best parts yet is that Matthieu Zela is back (He's the main character of Thief Of Time, and he tends to be a (small) part of some of the others books as well; I've spotted him at least at the start of Mutiny on the Bounty, speaking of which, The captain of the ship in this book is a big fan of William Bligh (the captain of the Bounty)) I like it when there are many hints to the authors other books, but they are not actually spelled out for you. This time, Zela and one of his many 'cousins' are on their way to Canada in 1910.


Another thing I thought was in the 1870-1880's, where a young man has been stacking certain magazines under his mattress. His very religious mother finds out and rages against him for having these very filthy magazines. What magazine it was?

Scientific American; very filthy indeed xD

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