Powerpuff Girls Volume 1 - Troy Little

I received an ARC via Netgalley from IDW Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


I saw the Powerpuff Girls a few times on my dashboard today, and it brought back a lot of memories. I LOVED the Powerpuff Girls when I was a kid, to the level that I collected everything that had to do with them (They used to have a lot of school stuff etc), held an exhibition on the Powerpuff Girls (showing off all cool things I collected) and wrote at least one play an one story about them.


And then, without any warning, Cartoon Network stopped broadcasting in the Netherlands on normal television, and I had to do without. It seemed like cold turkey rehab. You can feel, there still a childhood trauma here ( =) ). Anyway, I was so surprised to see them again, that I thought immediately 'I need to read this.' And that is how it happened.


It was such an enjoyable read, mostly because of sentimental reasons. Everything was just like I remembered and we get to see all the bad guys again! Mojo Jojo has always been one of my favourite villains. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who was once a fan of the Powerpuff Girls, because I'm sure you will enjoy this!