Harvest - Tess Gerritsen

I had heard a lot about Tess Gerritsen, but I had never read anything written by her before I read Harvest. It was also the first time I read a 'medical thriller', a genre which made me curious, not in the least because I'm very interested in biomedical sciences.

First Harvest. Abby gets a job by a very important transplant team but she fell into dissatisfaction by the others when she decides to give a new heart to an uninsured boy instead of an insured woman. Then suddenly there is a new heart available for the woman. But, who's heart is it and how did it come in the hospital?

I thought the idea was quite interesting, but it took me a long time to finish the book. I can't really say what the problem was, and I liked the way she wrote the story, but somehow there was something that stopped me from reading. I've since read multiple other books by Tess Gerritsen, and they read a lot faster, so perhaps it was just me...


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book