Inkspell  - Anthea Bell, Cornelia Funke

Original Title: Tintenblut


I really enjoyed reading the first book of this series. So after I finished Inkheart I went to the bookstore to get this second book. It's a book about a world in a book, and as a child I thought that was wonderful. In Inkspell, we actually get into the book!


This is a book for children, or maybe they classify it as YA nowadays (I wouldn't do that), so you have to keep in mind that the writing style is a little childish sometimes. I don't think that is a problem, cause you know you can find such things while reading a book for children. Anyway, I was a bit younger when I read the book and at that time I really liked it. The story has such wonderful characters and is very original, I would definitely recommend this series.


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book